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Our Eco Friendly Plan

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See how we are doing our bit here at Strawberry Fields to help save the planet

100% self-sufficient  – ALL of our electric is generated through our own renewable wind turbine and solar panels connected straight into the shop – completely sustainable.

0 food miles – many of our products are grown or produced here on our farm (eggs, bread, meat, vegetables to name a few) – a huge contributor to eliminating the world’s carbon footprint.

Packaging – no unnecessary plastic wrapped around our veg! Straight from the fields as it should be. 

Minimal food waste – utilising every product in every way.  For example, mushy strawberries made into homemade jam, yesterday’s bread…perfect for our famous bread pudding!  

Recycling material – dedicated bins throughout working areas to ensure recycling is a key process.

Electric car charger – supplied by our own electric we provide this service to the ultimate ‘green’ car.

Biodegradable carrier bags – a must! and for our regular shoppers we have our sturdy reusable bags.

Sunflowers – grown annually which the the bumblebees and butterflies LOVE! then the seed heads are left for the birds to feed off in the winter months.

Wild flowers – 5 acres grown to create and encourage a natural habitat for wildlife, birds and insects.

Limited hedgerow cutting – throughout the farm to encourage wildlife habitats and feeding.


Being green & sustainable is hugely important to all of us at Strawberry Fields and it is something we continue to improve and develop on both in the farm shop and behind the scenes. As you can see we have already made huge footsteps over the years and our main goals for 2019 is to ensure recycling is available to our customers and look at ways to reduce plastic packaging further in the farm shop & restaurant.