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How Strawberry Fields Helps

How by supporting us, you're supporting a greener planet.


The greatest threat to our planet is the belief someone else will save it.

Here at Strawberry Fields, we are passionate about putting the environment first. It’s at the heart of everything we do. Here’s what we’re up to:

100% Self Sufficient – ALL of our electricity is generated on our farm through our wind turbine and solar panels that power our shop, bakery and butchery. Renewable energy is so important to making a positive difference and is a huge achievement that we feel proud of.

Low Food Miles – A huge amount of our produce comes straight from our Devon farm. Seasonal vegetables, grass fed beef & lamb, freshly baked bread, the list goes on. What we can’t provide comes from other local farms, supporting our local community and cutting down our carbon footprint.

Woodland – We have committed at least a third of our land to be a well-managed woodland, with habitats for wildlife and a mixture of tree species, old and young. This large number of trees also more than offsets the CO2 produced from our cattle on the farm. It’s important to note that because our cattle are grass fed, they produce less methane than when they are fed a concentrated cereal and soya diet. It’s also a lot healthier for the animals, and therefore for us. So it’s good for the land, animals and us, the consumers.

Packaging – We cut out plastic wherever we can, and what we need to use for keeping our meat fresh, is 100% recyclable. If you order from us online, local deliveries will come in our crates and are therefore waste-free, and orders delivered nationally are bundled up with reusable, non-toxic ice packs in reusable or compostable wool linings and all sent in a reusable or recyclable cardboard box. In store, you can carry your goodies away in biodegradable bags – a must in our eyes!

Minimal Food Waste – As the old saying goes; waste not, want not. That’s our motto. We use every product as much as we can. For example, our unused strawberries make our infamous strawberry jam and yesterday’s bread becomes delicious bread and butter pudding!

Electric Car Charging Points – In our car park at the farm shop, you will find electric car charging points, supplied with our 100% renewable energy.

Sunflowers – As many of you know we grow our famous sunflowers every year, where you can venture into the fields and pick your own sunflowers. We keep the seed heads each year for the birds to feed off in the winter months, giving back to our wonderful wildlife.

Wild Life – We grow 5 acres of wild flowers every year to help maintain a healthy ecosystem, encouraging pollinators and creating natural habitats for wildlife. We also limit our hedgerow trimming to a minimum to let the natural flora and fauna flourish.

The Environmentally Friendly Way

Posted... Dec 3rd