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Last Wednesday saw Johnny, the fisherman from Padstow join us in the car park with his freshly caught crab and lobster.  Johnny along with his family have been fishing the Padstow seas for many years and definitely know how to pull in the best catch.

Lobster for tea…

Posted... Apr 24th

Johnny arrived at 12pm to find a good crowd of customers ready and waiting for him – excited at the offer of something a little different. He stayed with us until 3pm and was pretty much a sell out!  He is hoping to join us next Wednesday again and fingers crossed he can bring some fresh fish too.

He had many questions about how to cook the crab and lobster (and so did we!) so we thought it would be useful to give everyone some top tips ready for next week when he will be joining us again.

We as a family cooked a lobster – it was definitely something new for us – Thomas and Lily loved it!

Whole shellfish such as lobster and crab are live.  As soon as we got it home we put them in the freezer.  Sounds silly but it is meant to put them to sleep which is a more ethical way to then cook them.

We then put a large pan of water on to boil and put plenty of salt in it.  We heated the water up until it was at a rolling boil and then placed the lobster in, head first.  We placed the lid of the pan back on and then cooked it for 13 minutes.  A base time of 7 minutes and then 3 minutes per lb on top of that.  We timed this on our phone to make sure that it was just right.  If you over cook lobster it will go very rubbery.  Once the time was up we took the lobster out of the pan and left it to cool on a plate.  When cooked it goes a bright orange colour.

When it was cool enough to handle you then break off the tail – this is where the best of the meat is.  The head has no meat but put it aside to make an amazing lobster stock for some risotto for the next day.  Once the tail is off, cut it open with a strong knife – this will reveal white meat – delicious.  Some prefer to remove it from the shell and put on the plate or you can eat it out of the shell – entirely your choice.  There is also a good amount of meat in the claws of the lobster although we improvised and used a rolling pin to crack these open to get the meat out – the children thought that this was hilarious!

We then had our lobster with salad, Cornish midi potatoes, Adam’s homegrown asparagus and a good wedge of lemon.

It was delicious and interesting ‘culniary experience’ for the whole family!

If you would like any more information about how to cook crab/lobster feel free to give us a call – we would be more than happy to help.

Johnny, from Padstow will be with us every Wednesday.  Timings may vary depending on the tides but we will keep you posted on our Facebook page.  He will bring along what he can catch and what is available at the time of fishing.

Look forward to seeing your pictures of your dinner – hash tag us on Instagram #strawberryfieldslifton

Adam, Laura, Thomas and Lily Mounce